About Us

TNS is a San Diego-based innovative developer of blockchain-focused products and services designed to better enable our customers to transition to and integrate with the blockchain economy.

Thomas Carter, CEO & Founder

Founded by entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist Thomas Carter to address a pervasive challenge to crypto adoption: losing and forgetting identification key codes, mistypes and errors, and the general hassle significant amounts of syntax can make while transacting with digital currencies. Thus Digital Names was born as the first Total Network Services innovation.

Meet the Team

Leveraging the power of blockchain

At TNS we understand that blockchain is a necessary part of our world's economy and cyber infrastructure.

We are addressing the current challenges of cryptocurrency while simultaneously innovating technologies that enhance legacy solutions in multiple verticals by leveraging the power of blockchain.

Our Team

Thomas N. Carter
Founder, CEO
Frank Corsi
Co-Founder, President
Kevin Jackson
SVP Offerings and Channels, Director
Lou Kerner
Taylor Wallace
Chief of Staff


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