The TNS Ecosystem

Our innovations span several industries, from FinTech to ICT security - for the everyday investor, to the telecom enterprise. All aimed at improving legacy solutions by infusing new levels of verification and value into the next internet evolution.

Our Featured Brands and Applications

Digital Names

Change your complex public wallet keys into a simple $DigitalName.

A single wallet ID to send and receive digital assets both cryptocurrencies and digital securities. Say "goodbye" to your complex wallet key, and say "hello" to a Digital Wallet Name backed by world-class financial blockchain security.

“Think GoDaddy For The Blockchain”

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Enhancing ICT Supply Chain Security via Tokenization.

We attached the UCID (Universal Communication Identifier) to a blockchain specifically designed to support ICT supply chain security. If an MEID is attached to a blockchain, a globally unique digital token can be created that can represent any associated physical or digital asset - like a smartphone. When attached to a blockchain, the MEID documentation capabilities expand to include hardware bill-of-material (BOM), Software BOM, counterfeit device detection, and software remediation activity.

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A curated NFT marketplace merging the digital and physical world.

The first NaaS (NFTs as a Service) company. We work directly with artists and athletes to create and showcase economically viable NFT and associated apparel drop strategies.

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TNS Cloud Hosting

Deploy your blockchain infrastructure, host your website, or set up a dedicated gaming server, all on our fully redundant, high performance, cloud platform.

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