TNS March Community Update


Volume 4 of the TNS Community Update

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Welcome to our fourth installment of the Total Network Service Community Update! We can’t wait to share with you what has happened over the past few months to mark this as TNS’s most promising quarter to date.

Corporate Updates

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TNS is excited to announce Thomas Carter as its new Chief Executive Officer! Thomas has been leading the charge for several months now expanding TNS’s reach in developing crucial relationships with partners and bringing key players on-board to support TNS’s growth and aims. Thomas will step down from his title of CEO at DealBox and focus his efforts into the success and future of TNS.


Thomas Carter on what 2021 will look like for TNS

TNS x TIA Consortium


We are also thrilled to announce that as of today, TNS has signed an agreement with TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) creating the TIA Blockchain Consortium aimed at enabling the telecom industry in their blockchain-related applications, processes, and standards.

TIA serves as a neutral ground where the telecom industry can collaborate and create solutions ensuring optimum performance, security, and sustainability of next-generation information communications technology.  

Because TIA is in such a centralizing role in the telecom world, they serve as the sole administrator of Mobile Equipment Identifiers (MEIDs) globally.  TNS serves to benefit massively in its efforts to help TIA expand the ability of MEIDs to the blockchain with the TNS server using Digital Names.  These efforts are already underway and this consortium has turned what was a great idea into what TNS now sees as an inevitability.

New Announcement

Joining Thomas in the effort to manage and direct the consortium with TIA, TNS has brought on Kevin Jackson to its board of directors.  Kevin is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading digital transformation thought leaders and provides strategic consulting to a number of the globe's leading telecom companies.

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Webinar Recap: Securing the Telecom Supply Chain

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Dave Stehlin

Telecommunications Industry Association

Chief Executive Officer

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Thomas Carter

Total Network Service

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Current Efforts

Efforts in both sales and marketing have ramped up in the past 30 days.  TNS has brought on a new sales lead who has extensive experience in servers/networks who will lead the effort in developing, strategizing and deploying the gameplan for TNS’s highly effective and extremely affordable network.  

Meanwhile, marketing has ramped up its efforts in email communications to showcase Digital Names to leads in particular.  With both a highly capable website and now the Digital Name address bookbeing live we see marketing campaigns as having more potential than ever to draw in more Digital Names users.

Our web based Digital Address Book is now live!  Look up anybody by their Digital Name today.

Digital Address Book


Funding Update

TNS will be opening the $25mm Series B in March 2021

This offering with be a digital security offering claiming the Reg D 506c exemption. This will allow the company to generally solicit the offering to accredited investors.

If you are a current TNS investor, we thank you greatly for your support; stay tuned!

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How You Can Help

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Thanks for joining us in the fourth issue of the Total Network Service Newsletter, we look forward to sharing future progress with you in the next issue, until then we wish you a safe and prosperous journey!


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